Bohol, Philippines: 3-day Itinerary and Expenses


First and foremost, I would like to thank my very good friend Julie and her family for accommodating us in Bohol. Their resort is the best specialty lodging in Panglao, Bohol, where many tourists – especially backpackers – come and stay. With their inexpensive rooms, food, and beers, together with the farm-vibes, Bohol Coco Farm easily is a home away  from home for Filipinos. So if you are a tourist wanting to get the most out of local Filipino culture and food (and in a tight budget, too!), this is the BEST CHOICE IN PANGLAO, BOHOL.

You can get more info about Bohol Coco Farm through their Facebook Account and TripAdvisor Page. You can book a bed/room at or


Signage as seen from the road

Bohol is one of the favorite destinations in the country during holidays and summer, with its spectacular beaches, laid back environment, and sightseeing locations. Popular for the Chocolate Hills and tarsiers, Bohol also offers treats for visitors looking for thrill and adventure! Haven’t tried firefly watching? I’ve been told the firefly watching in Bohol is better compared to the one in Palawan! More on that later 😉

DAY 0: Arrival at Cebu and Ferry to Bohol

Upon arrival at Mactan International Airport in Cebu City, I immediately hired a metered taxi going to Cebu City Pier 4 (my friends were already waiting for me in Bohol). Make sure to tell the driver to run the taxi meter so as to avoid paying extra. Traffic-permitting, travel from Airport to Pier 4 will take approximately 30-45 minutes at PhP 150-200.

My ferry ticket was bought online at PhP 400, one-way. There is also a port terminal fee of PhP 25. The ride lasted for around 1hr 45mins – 2hrs.


It was Julie with her Kuya EJ who toured and brought us to all the destinations in Bohol. Since they provided a van for us, we saved greatly in travel expenses (Bohol Coco Farm offers guided tours!)

I have listed below all the tourist destinations we visited! Summary of Expenses can be found by the end of this post 🙂

1. Blood of Compact

No entrance fee.

2. Baclayon Church and Museum

Entrance Fee = PhP 50

And of course, we just can’t resist some dramatic poses!

3. Loboc River Lunch and Cruise

Fees (inclusive of buffet lunch and cruise):

Adult = PhP 450

Senior Citizen = PhP 360

Child (4-8yo) = PhP 175

Child (9-11yp) = PhP 300

Tip: Don’t expect too much of the buffet lunch! But don’t worry, it will still fill you up!

4. Habitat Bohol Ecopark

This ecopark is mostly about butterflies and its family!

Entrance Fee = PhP 45

5. Hanging Bridge

Entrance Fee = PhP 25

6. Manmade Forest

No entrance fee. Beware of the passing vehicles though!

7. Tarsier Conservation Area 

Entrance Fee = PhP 65

8. Chocolate Hills

Entrance Fee = PhP 50

Of course the visit in the marvelous natural formation is compulsory when visiting Bohol 🙂 Too bad the viewing deck was under construction during our time of visit!

After a very long day, we spent our night up until wee hours having fun experiencing the Panglao Nightlife! We had fun drinking pretty and yummy cocktails (cheap, too!) at Lone Star Bar and Grill. We met two nice French girls at the bar who were also staying at Bohol Coco Farm and drank together. The vibes and the people  were just perfect.

After having quite a lot of drinks, we then went to nearby Pinarella to go dancing! It was so much fun.

DAY 2: Island Hopping + Firefly Watching

Any visit to Bohol is not complete without seeing their world-class white sand beaches and clear blue waters. At only PhP 1,500 for the whole boat for all of us, we were able to visit these must-see destinations and activities:

  •  Dolphin Watching
  • Balicasag Island
  • Virgin Islands
  • Turtle Sanctuary
  • Sea Urchin Catching

We started our island hopping at around 9AM (we weren’t able to make it to the 6AM call time) and with amazing luck, we were able to witness around 50+ swimming dolphins on our way to Balicasag Island! It was the best thing that happened that day (aside from the firefly watching later that evening). Too bad we didn’t have decent photos, we were too busy marvelling the sight with our own eyes.

By 2PM, we were back at Bohol Coco Farm with sunburns on our faces, arms, and backs. Good thing there were a lot of planted aloe vera in the farm for DIY sunburn treatment!

After satisfying our craving of Korean jajjangmyeon at Dae Jang Geum Korean Restaurant near Alona Beach, we went to Abatan to watch fireflies!


Our firefly watching experience was very memorable and magical; no photo will ever do justice to its beauty. Aboard a kayak with young and informative guides, we were able to relax and witness a Christmas tree come to life. It was a bit cold traversing the river, but the sight of fireflies and starry night made it all worth it.

A single kayak is worth Php 400 while the double is at Php 700. There are also mini boats to accommodate a large group of tourists.

DAY 3: Spelunking, Cliff-Jumping, and Flight Back Home

My flight from Cebu to Davao was at 4PM that day, which meant I had all morning for a last-minute touring.

  1. Bohol Coco Farm

Julie brought us to Bohol Bee Farm first to buy some souvenirs. They had a wide array of indigenous products. It was a bee farm but I wasn’t able to see any bees (I don’t know why).


The Bohol Coco Farm is also locally known for their yummy ice cream with quirky flavors.

2. Hinagdanan Cave

If you feel like going inside caves to swim, then this is the go-to place! Entrance Fee to the cave is Php 25 each, with additional Php 75 for swimming.

3. Alexis Cliff Dive Resort

Being the adrenaline junkie that I am, it was a perfect last hoorah in Bohol to be able to cliff jump for the very first time.


I was not so sure how far the jump was (maybe around 15-meters?), but it sure was fun! The clear blue ocean was so welcoming.

We spent around 30 more minutes swimming at the beach before driving me to the Pier.

I had a really good time in Bohol. It offers a LOT of beautiful destinations and fun activities! The people are very friendly too. This is definitely an island I shall never hesitate going back to ❤

Below is the summary of expenses I incurred during the trip. Note that accommodation and transportation costs are not included (one pax).


Have Fun!



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