Malaysia Day 3-4: Penang


How to Get to Penang from Kuala Lumpur:

The day after touring KL via HOHO, we took the first bus trip to Penang (7AM) at Pudaraya Station. Pudaraya Station is just a short taxi ride away from Bukit Buntang, and we paid only RM20 for it.

There will be a lot of bus companies to choose from when arriving at Pudaraya Station. Any bus company will do, actually, at around RM60 each. Just make sure all your belongings are accounted for. The bus ride will be 5-hours long so be sure to wear comfortable clothes, water, and light snacks. There are also some rest stops for a quick lunch and restroom break.

The buses will only be up to Butterworth, so to get to Georgetown (the UNESCO Heritage town), just ride another bus at the terminal that will bring you to Georgetown proper. The bus from Butterworth to Goergetown will cost you RM2 each.

Where to Stay:

We stayed at The Frame, 168 Lebuh Chulia, George Town. At RM85, we had a very comfortable double room with A/C. The bathrooms are shared though, but don’t worry, it is very neat and clean.


The Frame was conveniently located at the heart of Georgetown, and everything will just be a short distance away. Buses to Gurney Drive (famous for street food) and Batu Ferringhi (for a beach getaway) also passes by this guesthouse. Two thumbs up!

Penang Day 1 (Malaysia Day 3/5):

After settling in at around 3PM, we started exploring Penang by feet. Listed below are the sights we saw and visited:

Kapitan Keling Mosque


Trick Art Museum


3D art museum and very popular nowadays. The Trick Art Museum is one of the best I’ve been in, with great and unique art, as well as very accommodating staff who were willing to take our pictures. Entrance fee is RM25 for adults and RM15 for children. Open daily from 9AM-8PM.






At around 8PM, we had dinner at the street food stalls on our way back to the guesthouse. We paid approximately RM30 only (for two people) sumptuous Malaysian and Chinese food!

We also grabbed a couple of beers at Reggae Bar, which played amazing live reggae!

Penang Day 2 (Malaysia Day 4/5):

Appart from its laid back setup, Georgetown, Penang is also popular for its street art everywhere! It is such a sight to behold when strolling down the old streets of Georgetown, adding a life to the dirty white walls and brick houses!




These are just some of the street arts in Penang. We had our whole morning hunting for the street arts and buying artsy souvenirs!

After having luncg at around 11AM, we checked out from The Frame and rode a bus to Batu Ferringhi!

Bus 101

The fare was only about RM2 only.

Batu Ferringhi

For a quick beach getaway at Penang, Batu Ferringhi is the go-to place of foreigners and locals alike. It is a 45-minute bus ride from Georgetown.

Don’t expect too much though. If you have been to the best beaches in the Philippines and Thailand, the beach at Batu Ferringhi was nowhere near it.

After checking in at a sketchy place (at RM50 only), we went to a spa place to relax.


Then from 4PM onward, we stayed a Bora Bora Bar by the beach. It was a very cozy place with tables on the sand. Perfect place for chilling and people-watching. The waiters there were all Filipinos, by the way!



The next day, we took the earliest bus ride back to Butterworth so that we can catch the earliest bus ride back to Kuala Lumpur. After a quick stop over at Central Market to buy last minute souvenirs, we  were already on our flight back to Manila at 7PM.

Penang was such a beautiful place, especially in Georgetown. We were regretful of our trip to Batu Ferringhi, which was kinda disappointing. Instead, we could have spent the time chilling at the old streets of Georgetown!

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