Malaysia Day 1-2: Kuala Lumpur


This is my first ever trip abroad, so everything was planned up to the tiniest detail on where to eat. First, we booked a roundtrip flight to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a 5D4N trip from Manila, Philippines. But with some unforeseen circumstances, we were able to tour Malaysia for only 4 days.

Arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal 2

We arrived at Kuala Lumpur International airport at around 12:30AM, early May of 2015, via Cebu Pacific Airlines. After clearance with the immigration, we boarded a bus that will take us to KL Central. There is actually the option of taking the KLIA Express Train, which is the most convenient way of travelling to and from the airport. Unfortunately, the last trip was at 12MN.

KL Central is located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur where all trains and buses meet. This will be the easiest vantage point to look for a place to stay. We arrive at KL Central past 3AM, and it was deserted. We were undecided weather to wait for the trains to open at 6AM or hire a taxi. After 30 minutes, we decided for the latter.

Since it was our first trip and I didn’t have much experience with hotel booking without using a credit card, we had to do walk-in. We first tried at Orange Pekoe Hotel at Jalan Angsoka, which was fully-booked. The taxi driver, which was a really good man, recommended this budget hotel also at Bukit Bintang area. He brought us to Hotel Star Town Inn, which was a walking distance to the train station, Jalan Alor, and at Bukit Bintang proper. The hotel looked decent enough and had cheap rooms so we settled there.

Exploring Jalan Alor

We immidiately went out to explore Jalan Alor, the famous food street in Kuala Lumpur. It was already 4 AM in the morning, but the food stall were still full of tourists and locals alike.



We had THE BEST tomyum ever! We also ordered a noodle and some fruit drinks. . Worth it!

City Tour via Big Bus Hop on Hop Off

By 9AM, we were already set and ready for a whole day of touring Kuala Lumpur. We walked from the hotel to the Bukit Bintang station of the Hop On Hop Off Bus. I tell you, it is the cheapest and most convenient way to tour and visit all the major destination at KL, at your own pace. The HOHO works this way: numerous bus stops are situated all around the city, mostly in tourists destinations, and the tourists can drop off on any station they want and wait back for the next bus. Bus intervals vary from 10-15 minutes. No major waiting!

HOHO tickets and city map guide

Each ticket costs RM 45 for a 24-hour tour. For more information, check out their website: KL Hop On Hop Off.


Jalan Petaling

For those who would want to try cheap and delicious street food, this is a must-go!

Katsuri Walk

For clothes, accessories, artsy souvenirs and durian ice cream!


Central Market

Want to bring home souvenirs? Central Market is the cheapest place where you can find almost everything. Try to haggle and stay polite!


National Museum

To perfectly get to know Malaysia and its history, a stop in this very informative museum will be very helpful. Opening hours is from 9AM-6PM daily. For foreigners, entrance fee is RM5 for adults and RM2 for children.


National Palace


Bird Park

We had lunch here, with birds everywhere!


National Mosque

When we visited, non-Muslims were not allowed to go inside the mosque. Basically, we were just outside the mosque.



Merdeka Square

This place was very beautiful and peaceful, we took 30-mins o just relax and appreciate the square. There were also a lot of vintage motorbikes!


Lake Titiwangsa


KLCC (Petronas Towers)

This was the highlight of our HOHO tour at KL. Petronas Towere was so impressive! It was beyond what I expected. Although it was quite crowded, we still enjoyed the night. We took loads of pictures and selfies!



By 8PM, we road a train nearby KLCC to our hotel. Our feet were aching from too much walking!


At around 10PM, we changed and headed to the nightlife scene of KL which was Bukit Bintang! It was just a walking distance from our hotel, very convenient!


We visited two bars: The Magnificent Fish and Chips Bar, and Havana. We especially likes Havana, with their wide range of cocktails!

For a budget traveller, Kuala Lumpur is perfect with its inexpensive food (very delicious!) and entrance fees. And I should say, hopping on to Big Bus Tour is the cheapest and most convenient way to see everything KL has to offer!

The next day, we got up early to catch the first bus ride to Penang! Check out our Penang adventure here: 2 Days in Penang: Street Arts and Batu Ferringhi.

Happy Sojourns!


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